What is the importance of 360 degree feedback in the business context?

360 degree is great feedback programs that will help any company assess their employees form more all around perspective. The evaluations are usually done by managers, colleagues, peers and mentors and are also known as different names such as A Mulit-Rater Feedback System or a multi-source assessment. These tools are now being used commonly in the industries for a better evaluation of their employees and also to understand the company’s perspective on how their work climate is treating their employees.

How will the program work in retail environment?

All 360 feedback programs are usually based on collecting surveys, wiring analysis and reports about an individual’s behavior and his working attitude. A supervisor can inform his staff to write in honest reviews of about the way they work and their behavior. Once all these reports are submitted and an extensive report is filled up, the manager will start assessing all the reports and see how they can improve an employee’s p[productivity and behavior based on the evaluations received. The manger will consult other staff and make a proper plan to improve the productivity at workplace.360 feedback

The advantages of 360 degree feedback program

Executive appraisals- For the success of any company, it is measured by the effectiveness of the top management. They need to ensure everything is monitored and going hand in hand. 360 degree feedback helps top management to grow as well by honest reviews and evaluations form the other staff. Not having the fear of reprisal, it give a room of improvement for every single employee form top down and will also encourage in giving honest feedback.

Building relationships and trust – 360 degree feedback tools have been known to develop better working coordination and build a better trust among the working employees of that company. It helps in creating good working relations and tends to work and build stronger. IF taken positively, it can help uplift a company’s productivity and the resulting outcome will be great.

Perspective – A 360 degree feedback tool is giving an all round perspective for each employee. You will be assessed on the performance of your work, your coworker might asses on the behavior and how good it to work with the employees and your junior staff is might judge you on the base of your fairness at work.

Satisfaction – Having 360 degree feedback gives the entire employee the satisfaction that their voices have been heard. They then tend to give open opinions of how they feel for each other and are more satisfied to know their opinion matters.

Whatever is the goal, any company wants to achieve, a 360 degree feedback tool will definitely help assess an employee and improve the overall quality and working standards of the company. It also brings company staff together and helps them work and communicate better with an open mind that lets other employees share their feelings towards other colleagues.