Other Discounts Available to AIC Members

Some organizations have offered to make special discounts and other offers available to AIC Members.

AIC does not extensively check these offers for either quality or price. We advise our members to use their own judgment before proceeding with any of these offers. Please let us know about any problems with these suppliers so we can take appropriate action on their presence on our discounts page.

Information Security

Informatica Security provides Canada’s most complete information security services for business. We have teamed up with Informatica to provide AIC members the following benefits:

  1. Free security support: Now you can seek professional answers regarding any aspect of your company’s security. 3 year plans are free with a one time set-up fee that includes a free consultation. Also: help your clients by offering them this valuable service.
  2. 20% off security courses and seminars: Informatica offers training in information security and privacy. Bring security awareness to your staff and your clients.
  3. 10% off all other services. Secure your computers and business data with FlexSecure Lockdown, or simply offer these benefits to your clients.

For more information and free security software, contact Claudiu Popa (ClaudiuatInformaticaSecuritydotcom) at (416)431-9012 or visit the Informatica Security website. Don’t forget to mention AIC to qualify for these Membership Benefits.