Are you a consultant? Searching for a consultant?

Then you’ve found the place to be!

If you are a consultant looking for support and community, you’ve come to the right place.

The best and brightest minds in Canada run their own consulting businesses. But even the best and brightest need support, education and comradeship.

AIC provides this through our monthly events, our Professional Development agreements and our Preferred Supplier programs.

If you’re an independent consultant, you will find a community of fellow consultants to share with and learn from. The AIC holds educational networking events, arranges discounts on products, services and professional development workshops, and our website has articles on consulting, helpful tools and a searchable database of consultants. AIC is a Canadian, federally-registered, not-for-profit organization, run by its members for its members.

AIC events have qualified as professional development/continuing education credits for some professional organizations.

If you’re looking to engage one, you’ve also come to the right place.

The Association of Independent Consultants (AIC) is a community of experts. Our members are specialists in many fields. They’ve helped the largest organizations and individuals achieve their goals.

AIC can help you find specialists, experts and outsourced contractors in many fields. Consultants are available for hire, for speaking engagements and for media interviews.

Whether you want to grow yourself as a consultant, hire a consultant, or interview an expert . . . welcome to AIC.